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sisterly love.

are you sure you want her to stay for EIGHT days? my mom exclaimed over the phone…

yes, mom… she’s great with g. I could seriously use the break… I said with a sigh. it was only my forth time telling her this. we were trying to iron out the details of my sisters upcoming trip to texas.

alright then. I’ll book it when I get home tonight. and with that, my mom hung up the phone with a giggle. my sister was only 21 days away from coming to visit! I could hardly wait!

the night I went to pick heather up from the airport I was filled with excitement. I could not WAIT to squeeze her and see her love on her nephew for only the third time since his birth… I could not wait to show her our new home and stay up late talking and eating… but the one thing I forgot all about…

the fighting.

my sister and I are honest to god sisters. no mushy stuff with these two. we’re the kind that want to kill each other at the end of each day. I suppose it’s partly because we can be our truest selves with each other… and those selves? could not be more opposite. and if there is one thing my sister can do better than anyone… it’s get one my nerves!! this trip was packed full of the highest highs and the lowest of lows… and there was more than one occasion when I seriously wanted to punch her in the mouth… and I’m sure she had the same thought a time or two. for us? it’s just part of being sisters. we grouch at each other… and by the last day of her trip? I. Was. Done.

OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I heard my sister scream from her room… she came stomping out, not unusual for her… but this time I knew something was up…

they cancelled my flight and booked me on another one to LA at 9:30! it was 9:00, there was no way we were going to make it.

okay, okay, calm down… call them and they’ll get it figured out for you… don’t stress… as I said the words I just had to laugh… the last visit we had she got stranded in connecticut because of a huge blizzard. this was just too funny.

she did get the flight all squared away, but it wouldn’t be until the next day. I think it was a blessing in disguise. she and I went out… had frozen yogurt… giggled at g when he had a massive poopy diaper in uber snobby belks… and talked like we hadn’t been annoying the snot out of one another for the past eight days. it was awesome. it was god’s little way of saying, hey… you only have one sister! come on!

the trip ended up ending on a high note. which was nice. we grouched at each other the entire way to the airport, you’re breathing loud! stop smacking! get on your side of the armrest! but hey, we lasted a whole extra day people. the second she stepped out of my little suv that was currently holding my sleeping almost eight month old (tomorrow! AHHH!), my heart swelled with sadness. overwhelmingly so. I was going to miss her. deeply. as I watched her walk away there was a fresh lump forming in my throat… unexpected as we literally griped at each other as we got out of the car, are you seriously going to leave your empty soda cup in the center console?… but here’s the thing. she’s my one and only sister… and for better or worse… I love her. even if we still can’t figure out how we could possibly be related… and I hate that as I sit here typing and listening to g sing his goodnight songs to himself, she’s in the air flying fifteen hundred miles away from me to her home. I will miss you heather… even if sometimes you could use a good punch in the mouth. love always, your one and only, OLDER and WISER sister, sara. xoxo.

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moments like these.

driving my sister to the airport tonight I realized… I wasn’t ready for her to leave. how ironic is that? I honestly, really enjoyed her this trip. we laughed, we cried, we complained about our parents, we giggled with my son, we had fun. serious amounts of it. an almost unfair amount.

leaving her at the airport was hard. I love that we live in the day and age that even if you live 3000 miles away… you’re just a plane ride away… but it still sucks. I wish she lived closer. I would love to see her more often… and now that I have little g… even more so. because I think family is important… and I hate the fact that ours lives so far away. but enough of my tiny violin. I’m really happy we got to spend the time we had together… I missed her like crazy.

she made my son laugh. for the first time. it was an amazing moment. I looked at her and I was like, “did he just laugh?” and she was like, “I’m pretty sure he did.” we both sat there dumbfounded for a minute and then, just like that… he did it again! he’s been doing it every now and then ever since. one of the best sounds ever, fyi… and I’m so glad heather was here to experience it.

I miss her already… we miss her already. can’t wait until next time.

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and you’ll have to raise the bebe…

if you’ve ever seen summer heights high (with comedian chris lilley)… you know what the title’s about. if not… I highly suggest you youtube, netflix, WATCH it… it’s highly hilarious. my sister and I have been watching it all week and we’ve been quoting this line… which I think makes it even more funny… which brings me to my point… she’s still here! since we had a redonkulous blizzard blow in out of nowhere… all flights out of JFK got the boot… and we’re still waiting to get through to her friggin’ airline… TWO DAYS LATER! doubleu – teee – efff airlineIwillnotname?!

so… we’re stuck. she’s stuck. I’m stuck… not fun. she’s super homesick and I would like to hog my husband for a few of the very seldom days he has off… but, well, such is life. and I can’t really complain… I am still enjoying her and g loves her to DEATH… I mean seriously. john and I went out to check out a car tonight (yep, thinking about buying a smaller, more economical, mommy suv)… and we came home and she had him cackeling up a storm. it was adorable. she loves him and he definitely loves her. it’s cute.

plus, when we’re not grouching at each other… we’re actually enjoying the extra time. so, for the time being we’ll roll with it. hoping she gets home before next year. (teeheehee… literally.)

nothing much else. we had a fantastic christmas. skype, heather, and g made it one of the best in a very long time. gotta love modern technology. plus, john got me a pandora bracelet… um, cute!

anywho, back to hanging with the fam… until next time, toodloo!

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