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I’m a wimp.

so, tonight is the first night I’ve tried putting little g in his crib to sleep. he’s sleeping like a baby (har har) as we speak and I’m a nervous wreck! (as I lay in the guest bed, next to his crib, hello?) it will get better. I know this, but why is it so hard to sleep away from him? we don’t have a huge house. it’s not like it would take me longer then two seconds to get to him from my room. I guess it’s just new mommyhood, in all of its glory. plus, I think john working nights… I’m particularly protective… knowing my big handsome protective man of a husband, is ten minutes away… by car.

so, there’s my story. I guess I just wanted to document this moment to look back at later… when I’m thanking my lucky stars he’s sleeping in his crib… peacefully.

thankthelordjesus for an adaptable kid.

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