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week 13ish: iphone photos

hello! we’re coming to you from sunny south carolina. I love it here. I would live here if I had the choice. it’s all kinds of fabulous… and don’t get me started on the food. I’m pretty positive I will gain at least five pounds this week. we had a pretty good week this past week. my schedule for work was weird because john was going on a business trip and I was going to south carolina… so, john ended up only sleeping three hours from mon-wed… bless him. I’m telling you right now, that guy’s a keeper.

here’s g on monday afternoon… there is no way! he was going to go to sleep… no naps for me, mama!

apparently, persistance paid off… I came back in the room about three minutes later and found this. love him.

happy valentines day! john brought home roses for me… but what got me was the card he addressed to me, from grayson. so weird I’m a MOM! it made my day… even though daddy was behind it. it’s nice to be reminded you’re loved and appreciated.

had to do some patch therapy later in the day… he’s getting better at tolerating it, thankthelordjesus… but he still didn’t last long. he was asleep in no time. (he’s wearing a bg elemental in the artist series, isn’t it cute?!)

tuesday ended up being my long day at work because I needed friday off so john could go on his business trip… john got bored, so he brought g to see me! it was definitely a highlight in my day!

poor baxter needed his butt squeezed (ewwwwwwwwwwww)… so john brought him with him. poor bax, looks like he’s being tortured…

apparently, his anal glands were redonkulously full… (aren’t you glad I’m sharing this with you…) so they had to hose him off. I’m not gonna lie, we were cracking up… like I said in a previous post… anything poop related cracks me up!

it was cutie-kitty day…. look at that face!

these kittys are brothers and they got neutered on the same day… they wanted to recover together. tell me they aren’t the cutest things you’ve ever seen…

I don’t know what stage g is in… but it sure is a fun one. the kid is happy ALL THE TIME. the only time he grouches about is when he’s hungry or has pooped… I’m pretty sure I gripe during those times, too… hahaha

lots more smiles and errands filled wednesday… overall it was a pretty rad day.

thursday john flew out of state for a business trip… he sent me this pic via text once he got to his hotel. he’s so stinking cute. I love him.

we sent this photo to daddy later in the day… to show him what he’s missing… hehehe ::evil laugh::

this right here, my friends… was HILARIOUS. katherine was so kind to take g and I to jfk on friday night… what did I do? I locked my truck keys in the house. so, she had to four wheel it over into the neighbors driveway to get us out. um, can you say katherine is a rock star? yeah. I think so too.

oh, hi mama… I know it’s 3am and we’ve been traveling all night… but I’m pretty happy to see you.

daddy daycare pic of the week:

g has made it a habit to fall asleep on his playmat midmorning everyday… well, john thought it would be a great idea to make a baby tent. then he sent me this while I was working. I died. I’m pretty sure I’m still laughing right now… he’s hilarious.

pretty rad week. how was yours? you can link up with your photos too… the more, the merrier!

link up over at amy’s blog… (the linky thing pretty much hates me…) toodloo for now! see you next week!

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