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veteran’s day.

normally, I would write about something that happened today or something that was going on with my little family… but in the spirit of veteran’s day, I’ve got something else on my mind.

I’m happy we have veteran’s day. I think it’s important to take time to consider what they’re willing to give for our country. my hubs spent six years in the military… and let me tell you I’m so grateful for people like him because there are also people like me, who could not do it.

on the other hand, they def deserve more than one day. just my opinion…

so, I hope everyone out there is taking a minute today to think about our amazing men and women who kick butt and take names for us… without them, I may not be sitting here with my bebe on my chest and dog on my lap typing this random post…

my fav vet. the love of my life.

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