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iphone photos: week 17ishhhhhh

this week has been nothing but craziness… (see previous post, a vlog! yay! er, yeah.) so, I missed tuesday and wednesday pics, but I got the rest of the week… here we goooooooo…

saturday morning I went to work and then that afternoon I went with the crew from work to a knitting class one of our clients hosted for us. it was fun… knitting is not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be. as my granny said, you can knit… you just need someone to show you! so true.

sunday was all about hanging out… and who better to babysit but baxter? haha… it’s kind of funny. I’m noticing when grayson is up and about… baxter is not far from him.

monday I didn’t have to work so I got to see john a bit in the morning. he and g skyped the grandparents, while I took a shower and cleaned up a little bit. they are wicked cute… and? I got bax and els’ portraits in the mail from wallfry… LOVE THEM. they are so stinking cute.

thursday brought some much needed time out of the house. the weather was nice enough to open the sunroof on the escape! holler! I went to work in the morning and then came home, scooped g up, and headed to katherines for a quickie hang out sesh. it was awesome. I always feel like I’ve burnt a crapload of calories laughing it up with her… and everly is just out of this world cute. she decided she wanted to be zipped up in g’s carseat and g “nigh-nigh”… I could’ve squeezed her from cuteness alone… and I had to take a pic of the diapers hanging on katherines line… SO JEALOUS… I need a line out back at our next house. I mean NEED. heeheh

friday I worked an eight hour day, so when I came home I was DYING to cuddle with g… and apparently he felt the same… check out that grin. love that kid. and I am seriously going to miss moments like this at my job, it kills the puppy fever for me… I get to snuggle them and then send them home with their owners. it’s a win win. and yes, my hair looks freaking haggard in that photo…

here are the daddy daycare pics of the week. I was SO PROUD when he sent me the photo from target. he never takes g out of the house… (I think it makes him nervous…) so I’ve been urging him to get out of the house with g and LOOK! here he is all by himself, running errands. happy mama.

anywho, that’s our week… did you take pics with your phone this week? link up over at amy’s blog… the more the merrier!

see you next week… toodloo!

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