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iphone photos: week 16ish…

hi! this week was boring, stressful… same ole’ same ole’… so I decided this time I’m not going to post photos of this week, but rather I’m going to post some of my favorite iphone photos from g’s first week of life. I hope that’s ok… and I’m not breaking any rules? isn’t the only rule that they have to be taken with your iphone? well, these definitely were… and they’re too good not to find a place for them on here… I hope you like em’… it was kind of fun looking at my baby when he was just so so tiny!

anywho, onward!

this first photo is one of my favorites… it’s the first photo taken of little g out of the belly. he wasn’t even cleaned up yet!

here’s g holding daddy’s hand in the nicu… this one melts my heart. it’s been my background on my laptop since, oh… as long as he’s been alive.

my two boys… getting acquainted.

here’s g his first night home… right after he had literally sprayed me with poop. (literally, it was like a fire hose…) and then he’s so kind as to flip me off. nice g, nice.

this was pretty much the one thing john and g did a whole lot of that first week home…

me WEARING my baby…

john didn’t get much time off (I think five days…) and wouldn’t you know it… the night he goes back… g’s umbilical stump falls off. I sent him this via text message along with, we have a belly button! (and yes, that’s a disposable diaper… I wasn’t prepared, seeing as g came early… so he was three weeks old once the cloth diaper thing took hold of me…)

and that, my friends… is the highlight reel from g’s first week of life. see you next week… with pics from my week! (hopefully…)

did you take awesome pics with your camera phone? link up over at amy’s blog! the more the merrier!


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week 15ish: iphone photos…


I woke up this morning thinking it was sunday and that I had completely forgotten this post. mama brain anyone?

here’s our week in iphone photos… it’s been a crazy week… I’m glad it’s over… haha. no, seriously.

hallelujar for sun! we actually got to leave the house! it’s been so stinking friggid here!

the rest of the day was spent pretty much like this… oh and fyi, if you don’t want people assuming you’ve had a girl… leave the pink owl at home… he loves it, but I had a man tell me, wow. daddy’s gonna have to get the shotgun out for that one… bahahahahahaha. john didn’t get it. I had to tell him once we were in the car.

sunday also marked the first day g got to wear his skull and crossbones eyepatch the lovely emily bilbrey made him! LOVE IT. love it even more so now, considering he doesn’t mind it much…

monday, katherine and I went to the sloomb studio which is the home of sustainablebabyish dipes… um… heaven. I used all the iphone pics I took in the post I wrote about it… so, if you want to see how our day went… go check it out here.

tuesday, john wasn’t feeling so great so I stayed home from work that morning to take care of g… instead of resting, he worked on school work! I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, right? baxter kept him company though. I swear that dog totally knows when you’re not feeling great.

thankfully, later in the day he was feeling up to some grocery shopping. hallelujar because it’s not as fun doing it alone…

yes, we’re definitely married.

wednesday I had some orders to take care of for our business… so, bax kept me company…

I managed to squeeze it in during naptime… holler!

thursday was BUSY. I worked in the morning… went and picked up an awesome stroller… and then had to race to make it to g’s head check at the dr’s office.

after g’s dr’s appt john and I took full advantage of g’s good mood and headed to outback… it was awesome to be out to dinner as a family. I don’t think we’ve done that yet! dern schedules!

g was pretty tuckered out from the day… so he was fast asleep pretty shortly after we returned home… have I mentioned how much I hate this rolling over business? it’s definitely not my favorite milestone…

thursday night, john’s stepdad arrived… so I decided to make dinner friday night… meatloaf and sweet potatoes… it’s good. trust me. g kept me company in the kitchen… he looks like he’s saying say what?

this picture? I dunno. he’s just cute… in my very humble opinion… har har.

here’s the pic from daddy daycare this week… I LOVE getting this photos when I’m working. it helps me remember why I get up and go to work in the first place! haha

so, that’s our week. today is my birthday. I can’t believe I’m 26 and I have baby. this time last year I was just finding out I was peeing on sticks like a crazy person. it was just so fun to see positives! I did read a journal entry from my 16-year old self today though… one of my teachers asked us to write about where we see ourselves in 10 years and I held onto it… I’ll write more about that later. it’s crazy how much everything has changed…

did you take photos with your camera phone of your week? join in over at amy’s blog… the more the merrier!

toodloo… see you next week!

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week 14ish: iphone photos…

this has been a really insane week… I’m exhausted… but I will tell you, it ended on a good note. john and I had date night last night… thanks to katherine and jon… holler! but we’ll get into that farther down in the post… sorry we’re late this week!

sunday was awesome. it was our second full day with our family and we got to go to fatz… have you been there? FREAKING DELISH. as you can see, I had to take pics. calabash chicken? um, yes please… cinnamon bread? um, heck yes. it was delightful… dieting while in south caroline? FAIL. but I’m totally ok with that…

monday was full of hanging out with the fam… including tuna (I’m highly allergic to cats, if you didn’t know…) who I call frito… doesn’t he look more like a frito? anyway… this cat is HILARIOUS.

tuesday ap and I went shopping… it was our last full day in south carolina… so we went out to dinner that night… you can tell by her face in this pic we are DEFINITELY related… I am a super goober, just like her. love her… I miss them all so much already.

wednesday I didn’t take any pics… it just ended up being an awful day. between flying home, finding out arrow had died, and getting a gnarly stomach bug… you should be happy… thursday was more of the bug… so, I skipped the pics that day… too….

friday it was back to work… this kitty? highly adorable. made me very sad I was allergic. I wanted to snuggle him… and the flowers were a condolensce for arrow. my boss didn’t want them hanging around so I got to bring them home… I thought that was so nice! our clients loved arrow, too. the bottom pics are from g and I’s trip to target… he was not super stoked about it… as you can see… but, it was worth the fits here and there. target makes me happy inside.

oh and this? I came home on my lunchtime… gooberlicious family of mine (notice the fact john has the same face on in every picture. thanks for playing along love… hahah)…

saturday this week was a bit of a hallelujar we made it! kind of day… I went to work in the morning and came home to g’s fabulous new eye patches thanks to emily bilbrey over at uff da designs on etsy! don’t you love it? I could die from cuteness alone… best part? g totally doesn’t mind them!

saturday night was ALL KINDS of amazing… john and I got to go on a date… what? yeah… thanks to the fabulous katherine and jon who watched g-man for us, we went to a comedy club and saw the always hilarious tommy johnagin… seriously funny… and jessi campbell (female pictured next to tommy and me photo) HILARIOUS… I’d never seen her before… but she was so funny I had to buy her cd. I literally almost peed myself laughing so hard at one of her bits… seriously. bottom photos are of me and katherine. she’s one of my favorites… (but I think you already knew that…)

so that’s it for our week! did you take photos with your camera phone this week? join in on the fun over at amy’s blog (the linky thing HATES me…)… the more the merrier!

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week 13ish: iphone photos

hello! we’re coming to you from sunny south carolina. I love it here. I would live here if I had the choice. it’s all kinds of fabulous… and don’t get me started on the food. I’m pretty positive I will gain at least five pounds this week. we had a pretty good week this past week. my schedule for work was weird because john was going on a business trip and I was going to south carolina… so, john ended up only sleeping three hours from mon-wed… bless him. I’m telling you right now, that guy’s a keeper.

here’s g on monday afternoon… there is no way! he was going to go to sleep… no naps for me, mama!

apparently, persistance paid off… I came back in the room about three minutes later and found this. love him.

happy valentines day! john brought home roses for me… but what got me was the card he addressed to me, from grayson. so weird I’m a MOM! it made my day… even though daddy was behind it. it’s nice to be reminded you’re loved and appreciated.

had to do some patch therapy later in the day… he’s getting better at tolerating it, thankthelordjesus… but he still didn’t last long. he was asleep in no time. (he’s wearing a bg elemental in the artist series, isn’t it cute?!)

tuesday ended up being my long day at work because I needed friday off so john could go on his business trip… john got bored, so he brought g to see me! it was definitely a highlight in my day!

poor baxter needed his butt squeezed (ewwwwwwwwwwww)… so john brought him with him. poor bax, looks like he’s being tortured…

apparently, his anal glands were redonkulously full… (aren’t you glad I’m sharing this with you…) so they had to hose him off. I’m not gonna lie, we were cracking up… like I said in a previous post… anything poop related cracks me up!

it was cutie-kitty day…. look at that face!

these kittys are brothers and they got neutered on the same day… they wanted to recover together. tell me they aren’t the cutest things you’ve ever seen…

I don’t know what stage g is in… but it sure is a fun one. the kid is happy ALL THE TIME. the only time he grouches about is when he’s hungry or has pooped… I’m pretty sure I gripe during those times, too… hahaha

lots more smiles and errands filled wednesday… overall it was a pretty rad day.

thursday john flew out of state for a business trip… he sent me this pic via text once he got to his hotel. he’s so stinking cute. I love him.

we sent this photo to daddy later in the day… to show him what he’s missing… hehehe ::evil laugh::

this right here, my friends… was HILARIOUS. katherine was so kind to take g and I to jfk on friday night… what did I do? I locked my truck keys in the house. so, she had to four wheel it over into the neighbors driveway to get us out. um, can you say katherine is a rock star? yeah. I think so too.

oh, hi mama… I know it’s 3am and we’ve been traveling all night… but I’m pretty happy to see you.

daddy daycare pic of the week:

g has made it a habit to fall asleep on his playmat midmorning everyday… well, john thought it would be a great idea to make a baby tent. then he sent me this while I was working. I died. I’m pretty sure I’m still laughing right now… he’s hilarious.

pretty rad week. how was yours? you can link up with your photos too… the more, the merrier!

link up over at amy’s blog… (the linky thing pretty much hates me…) toodloo for now! see you next week!

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iphone photos: week 12ish…

monday was bumbo impersonator extravaganza… little man sat in this thing for what felt like forever! it was tons of fun watching him. he was cracking up… and baxter kept walking up to him… I could see his little doggy brain trying to work out what was going on… what is this? why is he sitting up? I’m not sure I like this. that was pretty much the highlight of the day. we did lots of just hanging out.

this is so so cute. I heard them on the monitor while I was getting ready for work. I walk in, john’s got the teddy bear we built grayson at build-a-bear when he was still in the belly… he was making it dance and grayson was holding his head up just laughing away. plus, I think g is uber cute in just a diaper. this happens to be a bumgenius elemental aio. I used to hate them, but they’ve grown on me… and ribbit is the color he’s wearing, it’s my fav bg color…

wednesday was my day for organizing! holler. I finally got around to cleaning my poor neglected caboodle and makeup brushes. I LOVE that caboodle. when john and I first got back together I talked about it all the time… he took me to macy’s one day… told the girl at the mac counter, I’ll get her whatever she wants. make it fun for her. I didn’t know this until we were checking out and the girl said, you’ve got a keeper. john’s not huge on romantic gestures… but I’d say that one hit the spot.

thursday was g’s four month birthday… and the day for him to visit the dreaded eye specialist. all in all, it ended up being not a bad day… until I tried to fold laundry with g on my lap… he was NOT enthused! (but of course he cooed all over his daddy.)

friday was my long day at work… the second I got home, I couldn’t strap that baby on me fast enough. I love my beco… it’s my favorite of my babywearing gear. not to mention, the cutest… john ended up going out for dinner with a friend, and g fell asleep pretty quick in the beco… so, I got to spend my night happily perched in front of the tv to catch up on all my girly shows. it was a whole lot of fantastic.

here’s daddy’s photo of the week… day one of eye patching. john said it lasted all of about twenty minutes (it’s supposed to be an hour a day…) it’s definitely gonna take some getting used to. john sent me this photo to make sure I got to see him with his first patch on ::big sigh:: I need to find a patch that’s a tad more fashionable though, there is nothing cute about a boring band aid! (other than the little baby underneath it, hehee)

that’s all I’ve got for this week… see you next week!

oh and p.s. did you take photos with your camera phone this week? you should join in on the fun and link up at amy’s blog… it’s fun to see all the other mama’s photos… and as amy says, the more kids that come out to play, the more fun, right?

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have you gotten a chance to check out my new fabulous header? of course you have, if you’re reading this. considering I have ABSOLUTELY no graphic design skills there is no possible way it came from me… so I have to say, I am so incredibly thankful to elise… my friend from high school… who, as you can see definitely has graphic design skills… and she was going on NOTHING… because as I’ve said many times before… I’m not creative either. so, go… check out her adorable blog, kyle and elise … and make friends with her… because maybe she can fluff up your blog… she’s kind of awesome that way!

oh and p.s. I’m pretty much FAILING at the 365 gig… It’s a ton of work keeping up two blogs… so, don’t hate if I don’t update it… as much as I’m supposed to, ::bows head in shame::

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week 11ish: iphone photos…

we’re back! had to skip last weeks iphone post… was soaking up every second of my girls weekend with soph… this week has been stressful and draining… so, I’m a little shocked to even see myself posting… but I love this… it’s fun… and I love seeing all the other mama’s photos… this post is not going to be my typical post…

the week started with saying goodbye to soph… and ended with some notsupergreat news from g’s peed. (nothing too crazy… details to come later…) all in all, I’m tired. but enough of my tiny violin… here are a couple photos from our week… one from daddy daycare!

this face kept me going this week… I just want to squeeze him, he’s so stinking cute! (in my very objective opinion… har har)

baked pears with a little vanilla bean ice cream… to. die. for. delish.

this is a pic from under my desk at work… guess where I was on my lunch hour?

drumroll please…. here’s daddy’s first photo! he sends me photos while I’m at work to keep me from missing the little man too too much… this photo was taken right after g had rolled over twice. I still have yet to see him roll over… makes me a little jealous… but at the same time, it’s nice john’s the one getting to experience it… he’s needs daddy and g moments!

and that’s all I’ve got for this week. we’ll be back next week… hopefully much more organized and in brighter spirits!

if you’ve got some iphone photos (or any other camera phone…) you’d like to share of your week… come on! link up and play along!!! for some reason, the linky code hates me… so go over to amy’s blog… a good life and link up! (or you can just read her blog… it’s pretty awesome…)

that’s all for now! toodloo!

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week ten: iphone photos

this has been a nice routine week… I’m finally back in the swing of things at work… and our boy is on a sleeping schedule (what?! yeah.)… it’s been a pretty sweet week… if katherine wasn’t in colorado and we could’ve had our playdate… would have been even better… but you can’t have everything, right?

monday was pretty chill. john had to go to school and then straight to work… so, I decided to use my spare time (what’s that?) to make lunch/dinner… we turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce… thanks for the idea katherine! it was delish. I ADORE my kitchenaid mixer. I think everyone who spends anytime cooking NEEDS one. plus, look how cute she is!

baxter’s been acting out like you would not believe lately. I’ve had a couple of moments where I wanted to scream… I understand his plight though… so I can’t be too too upset… but lord, please help him adjust. I can’t take too much more of this! but when he does this? I mean look at that face!

tuesday was back to work. it was a good day. this is our doc assistant. he’s so good with the animals. as you can see, this kitty is lovin’ it. haha. they don’t always cooperate.

one of our techs lovin’ on a clients dog… seven. isn’t he the cutest? I got chihuahua fever from this dog. he’s such a love.

I didn’t want to put him down… and he’s moving to oregon with his owner! so sad! (for me anyway.)

this is what I woke up to wednesday morning. he’s such a morning person… definitely doesn’t take after his mama.

laundry all day all night… I’m sure you other mamas out there can relate. my kid spits up nonstop… I change his outfit about fortyfivethousandtimes a day. plus dipes… but I don’t mind that part…

when I came home from work thursday afternoon… john had to go to bed… so, g and I worked on tummy time in his room… isn’t he holding his head up so well?! I’m so excited.

my favorite person to hang out with. I love this kid. love him.

took baxter out to go potty while I warmed up the car friday morning… apparently he thought he was going to get to go. I was happy I had my phone on me… this was too cute not to catch a photo…

later in the day… when I got home from work, I needed some ingredients for dinner… so, g and I had to run to the store. as you can see, he was less than thrilled. (it was bath time… he LOVES bath time…)

saturday was a work day… as usual. this is my boss’ dog… we’re buddies. this is his version of “staying dead” for a treat. notice the treat is right next to him… he’s a smart little booger.

this is one of the techs with her baby. she held g in a pic for this post weeks ago… she’s much more comfortable holding her pooch…

when I got home from work… sbish fluff mail was waiting for me! aren’t they the cutest dipes EVER?!

leaving you with my favorite pic of the week. he fell asleep clutching my finger on saturday. I took that as… he missed his mama.

did you take pics of your week with a cameraphone? join us in the fun… link up at an awesome mama blog… a good life. we’re a fun bunch!

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week nine: iphone photos…

this week started off with mama trying to get a good photo for the happy heiny’s baby of the month contest…

it took quite a few tries… but it was super fun… and how can I resist that little face?

later in the day we ended up going to sonics… what? ct has a sonics? yeah, seeing was believing… and it was mighty tasty. I’m glad he got to wear this outfit… (daddy picked it out) because he’s already almost grown out of it!

I had a really hard time leaving this to go to work tuesday morning… luckily, I only had to work until noon… so, it didn’t take much time to get back to him.

tuesday was my favorite day of the week… it was our playdate with katherine and everly. as you can see, he’s definitely a fan of katherine.

everly and I put her pants on her head. yes, I agree, she’s the cutest baby girl on the planet… even with pants on her head! (it may even add a tad to her cuteness factor…)

wednesday had a KILLER storm over here in ct… we got like two and a half feet of snow. as you can see, the jetta was covered… I’m not gonna lie, sometimes it’s nice to be snowed in…

I got to get a ton of stuff done… including diaper laundry… thanks for the help, elsie!

after her hard work, I let her take a much deserved break… oh yeah and yes… we let our furrballs on the furniture! how dare we?!

thursday I had to work all day… but I came home for lunch and look! fluff mail! I had to order this dipe because one, I’ve never heard of this brand (what?!)… and two, it’s jet black… including buttons. it’s awesome… essentially though, it’s much like a fuzzibunz… and lord knows, I’ve got plenty of those.

this is my favorite photo. I think g looks adorable in it… and this is my outfit of choice by far… I love putting a sustainablebabyish dipe on him with sbish longies and calling it a day. he likes it too… as you can see, he’s pretty relaxed here.

had to take a pic of this gnarly icicle on my way out the door to work… death by icicle anyone?

that night g and I worked on his tummy time… he was NOT a fan. but he was cute, regardless…

my boys. sigh. love them.

this little birdy has been living in our back porch. we’ve been trying to rehome him (outside) for forever… but he keeps getting in. apparently, he thought he’d test out the real inside of our house… it took us forever to get him back outside… but I have not laughed that hard in forever… watching john run around with a towel trying to catch the little creature before baxter did was highly, highly hilarious.

and that’s our week! did you take pictures of your week in phone photos? link up with us and join the fun at this awesome mommy blog. (wordpress hates the code, and it makes me want to strangle wordpress, not gonna lie.)

toodloo! see ya next week!

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week eight: iphone photos

this has been a full week. sitting here typing this post has been one of the first moments all week of sara-time… but I’ll tell you right now, I wouldn’t change a thing. full = busy. busy = happy sara. happy sara = happy household… and the list goes on. so, without further ado… here are my iphone photos for this week…

I feel like this kid has transformed. he’s suddenly so aware… he’s smiling and laughing. it’s freaking awesome. other than that, monday was pretty chill… just me and little man hanging out. john had school that night, so he had to sleep most of the day, head to school at 4pm… and head to work straight after… it was a loooonnnngggg day for me.

went back to work this week… on weekdays… and this was posted still. this is g’s birth announcement. I can’t believe he was ever that small. and he was sooooooooo cute… but it didn’t help with my missing him. I missed him like crazy… my entire shift.

this is one of the views from my desk… and one of the vets (awesomestvetever!) that I work with… her dog, miles, is helping her with the appointment… he’s highly hilarious.

john sent me this during my shift… I’m not gonna lie, I kind of liked that my baby missed his mama (or at least that’s how I’m gonna take it… he could’ve just been hungry.)

wednesday is john’s other day he goes to school… so, since it was dinnertime just for moi… I decided to treat myself to sushi…

it was yum. and I’m a cow.

we sent this to john while he was at work that night… we really did miss him. I feel like I don’t see him for a full 24 hours when he sleep/school/works it up.

thursday was by far the best day of the week. you can go read about it here… or you can just take baxter’s word for it.

holy snowstorm, batman! we got hit pretty hard while I was at work on friday. so hard actually, I didn’t get to work my whole shift. typical. but it sure was purdy.

took me two hours to get home in traffic… but it was so worth the wait when I walked in the door to this. he totally reminds me of a water baby in this… remember those? I used to carry that doll around everywhere…

I’m pretty sure I carried him around the rest of the night. I had missed him! (he’s wearing sbish dipes and longies here btw… peacoat!)

here’s my little baxter-man on our way to work saturday morning. he was so excited to go for a bye-bye!

he wasn’t as excited when he found out where he was going… and that he was going to get a bath with lulu (my friend jessica’s loveydog.)… he was much happier to get in the car and drive AWAY…

and that’s our week. wonder why there’s no photos of john this week? because we hate him. KIDDING… haha… well, he slept a lot because his schedule was funky this week… and every time I saw him and g doing something picture worthy I couldn’t find my friggin’ phone… typical. seriously.

anywho, wanna link up? come join in on the fun with your week in iphone/other pic phone photos… wordpress hates the code… so check out agoodlifeblog.com to get the code and link up!

see you next week! toodloo!

oh and p.s. I just started my account over on twitter. come follow me (username: hiyo_mama_cbp)! I don’t know how to work it yet, so you may have to be patient… but it could be fun!

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